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about the motivator lady.

The Motivator Lady is Lori Ellen. Lori’s peer counseling guides clients in the paradigm shift necessary to achieve a comfortable and healthy relationship with food through the Intuitiveeating4ever process. Her philosophies are rooted in her education and implementation of the non-diet intuitive approach to normal eating. Lori’s practice is modeled after the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating and nutritional guidelines from the book Intuitive Eating A Revolutionary Program That Works co-authored by Evelyn Tribole, M.S.R.D., and Elyse Resch, M.S.,R.D., F.A.D.A.; as well as other intuitive and non-diet-approach mentors. With humor, compassion and care, she is committed to providing motivation, inspiration, strategies and support.

what i think: thoughts from the motivator lady

diet is the dirtiest word
deprivation is the 2nd dirtiest word
isolation is also a dirty word
support is essential
food is great
cooking is even better
food should be celebrated
i love to eat
i am neither starving nor stuffed
waiting until I’m hungry makes food taste amazing
food and emotions do not have to be connected
exercise can be a negative word
movement and physical activities for fun sound much more positive
endorphins are a great feeling
enlightening others is my passion
teaching keeps me on track
i am never perfect
the diet mentality kept me fat
the world really does look okay on my side of the fence

people are talking.

"I’ve been a compulsive emotional eater all of my life. I remember sneaking food as a child. My mother would count the candies in the box each morning to see if I had eaten when I wasn’t supposed to. I am now an intuitive eater and am grateful for your work."
dani t.

"As someone battling an eating disorder, working with you is really helping. I live in a small town and don’t have the resources I need close to home. A friend told me about you. You have changed my life. Thank you."
taylor a.

"You’ve put things in perspective for me. I slip back into the diet mentality so easily. Working with you has shown me that becoming an intuitive eater and naturally thin person is a journey and not a race or destination."
debbie b.

"Thank you for your encouraging words."
chester e.

"Your motivation keeps me positive. I see why they call you The Motivator Lady. Your input is so valued. I am changing my obsessing ways with your help and advice. I am learning to treasure my journey."
john v.

"Wow. I now believe that I don’t have to wait until I am thin to value myself."
mari c.

"I really enjoy working with you in person as much as in our email sessions. When I’m writing for our sessions I find that I’m much more insightful and honest. I didn’t know that expressing myself through writing could be so easy.
Thank you for continuing to "show me the mirror" to look at myself through your understanding eyes. Sometimes "the work" is hard, but with your compassion I always feel like I can conquer anything. Thank you."
shayna a.

"As a medical professional I am always viewed as someone who knows how to keep my weight and eating under control. Nothing could be further from the truth. You’ve taught me to trust myself around food. Your wisdom and care makes me feel comfortable, on track and motivated."
jordan t.

services and fees.

Thank you for your interest in email counseling.

Initial Consultation Complimentary
(includes initial questionnaire, review and response)
One week $100.00
3 pre-paid weeks $285.00 ($95.00 per week)
5 pre-paid weeks $450.00 ($90.00 per week)

Each week you will receive unlimited emails back/forth which will include any assignments, suggestions, motivation, inspiration, strategies and support.

Payment must be received in advance.

I look forward to working with you.

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